Bayview Gastroenterology Medical Corporation
Dr. Ali Khademi, D.O.
Procedure Preparations

All endoscopies are performed at the Special Procedures Department of the Watsonville Community Hospital. Please go through the main entrance of the Hospital to the registration area and they will instruct you as to where to go from there. 

Please make certain to notify us 48 hours in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel your procedure. * No show/late cancellation fee of $100.00 will be billed to you directly if we do not receive sufficient notice!   

Remember,  you will need an escort/driver to take you home after the exam, as you will be given medication for sedation. Seven days prior to your procedure DO NOT TAKE: Plavix, Iron, Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Alleve, indocin, or any other anti-inflammatory medication. Also inform us if you take insulin.  You may take Tylenol, and continue your regular medications unless told otherwise.


-Suprep (English) sites/95/95d8baea7342a7383259e7a30a0ed1ba/attachments/File/Suprep__English.pdf

-Suprep (Spanish) sites/95/95d8baea7342a7383259e7a30a0ed1ba/attachments/File/Suprep__Spanish.pdf

-Gavi-Lyte (English) sites/95/95d8baea7342a7383259e7a30a0ed1ba/attachments/File/GaviLyte__English(1).pdf

-Gavi-Lyte (Spanish) sites/95/95d8baea7342a7383259e7a30a0ed1ba/attachments/File/GaviLyte__Spanish.pdf

-Golytely (English)

-Golytely (Spanish)


-EGD (English) sites/95/95d8baea7342a7383259e7a30a0ed1ba/attachments/File/EGD__English.pdf

-EGD (Spanish) sites/95/95d8baea7342a7383259e7a30a0ed1ba/attachments/File/EGD__Spanish.pdf

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